Motorized Recreational Trail Advocacy,MRTA, is very much involved in saving and protecting YOUR trails. With the many ATV riders and OHV that are in the United States of America, we should all come together to WORK on saving our rights to use the trails.

Now, the U.S. Government is working very hard to make our forest as "Monuments" and "Wilderness" which will prevent any rightful citizen the God given "right" of using "OUR OWN LAND".

So.....let's come together.....As One.....Unite.....and inform Our Government Who the People Really are......"Land Owners of this Great Nation"            

In this site, much information is provided for YOU to be informed of as well as the means to help the reader make an educated decision. Enjoy the Links to many Vendors. With out all of us uniting, our lands will become untouchable by The People and the opposing groups will have their way.................DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO OUR RECREATION.

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Vistas like this one has been Closed. Help STOP these Closures.....NOW.!
Many Trails are closed now. Thanks USDA / USFS.! So if you are looking for that special ride on that trail that had such great views and was well worth the haul,  think again!
Too many trails have been closed due to the MVUM. (Motor Vehicle Use Map) More actions are to occur soon. Yes....more actions. Don't think that because you help support a club that may have paid monies for some Appeal from an attorney that it STOPPED didn't. USFS will continue with the MVUM as scheduled. An Appeal is just that, it won't STOP nothing. An Appeal must go through the proper procedures, then be accepted if it fits the criteria, then it will be judged to it's strength and support, then it will go through a USFS Committee.......yeah....then you have to pay the attorney more to get it in a court. USFS set this rule may read it on their site. These are all facts too, no matter what a anyone may say to pacify you, or say wait a few years,(waiting means trails are closed and a law suit must be filed) ask Greg Mumm, Ric Foster or even Del Albright at BRC. They are one of the largest groups helping to save trails.

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New federal regulations will be imposed on vast amounts of private land.
-----Here are just some of the people who will be hurt by HR 2016.
Oil and Gas explorationists;
Off-Highway Vehicle users;...<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Other recreation advocates;
Adjacent Private property owners;
Horseback riders;
Forestry advocates;
Rock Collectors;
and many others will lose if the National Landscape Conservation System passes into
-----Local rural communities will be especially hurt. The economic damage will spread
like a cancer. HR 2016 must be stopped.
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From “Federal Parks and Recreation Newsletter:” We have added to it.
Protecting the Public’s Right to Know ....Taken from the 111th Congressional Page

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires the federal government to THINK before it acts with regard to our environment by requiring solicitation of PUBLIC comment and consideration of reasonable alternatives. Efforts to undermine or evade these basic tenets of the law are not in the public interest. Enthusiastic and energetic engagement in the NEPA process leads to better decision-making and, thus, should be viewed as an opportunity, not a barrier. By rejecting legislative and regulatory efforts intended to weaken the application of NEPA, the 111th Congress can ensure that the public continues to play a meaningful role in managing our public lands, fresh and marine waters, and fish and wildlife

CONGRESS BILLS Related to Land Use

Step up and HELP SAVE the ATV Trails by joining an ATV Club, JEEP CLUB, 4X4 Club, Local or State Club, Start a club, support all those that are working so hard to save trails for YOU and your FAMILY to enjoy.
It isn't hard to do, won't hurt either! By supporting all those that work to keep the Trails will preserve our Rights to ride in the Forest and have the future open for many generations to come.
So come on!.......DO IT! Get involved.......

              HELP SAVE THE TRAILS!
        SAVEING         OUR

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The MRTA Advocating Booth at the Hatfield & McCoy Trailfest
Folks the following pages contain information about Our Recreational Trails and what we can do to Stop the Trail Closures. Even though some of the information may seem like it doesn't change , it really does. Actions are inserted were needed and some things that no longer apply are removed, but most of the information here is still applicable. Feel free to email any information that you feel relevant to help others with Saving Our Trails.
A very helpful site for all
We need to work together to STOP USFS from putting up these CLOSED TRAILS signs
As we set out to enjoy our lives to Recreate with our Family and Friends, we try not to let the pit falls of the worlds demise to bring us down to ruin our fun.  We manage to devote our time in a way to keep our thoughts on the good things in our own little world preventing those outside problems Outside. Another day gives us the opportunity to improve on the previous days that could have been better in some way.
Believe Half of what You See and None of what You Hear.